Drive Him Crazy With These 4 Tips!

We, women, have a common stereotype that, men think about sex 24/7. Sometimes we almost assume that they are addicted to it! Sex for men is like pizza: even when it’s bad, it’s good. “We always talk about the differences between men and women, but I think we’ve exaggerated that,” says Abraham Morgentaler, M.D., author of Why Men Fake It: The Totally Unexpected Truth About Men and Sex.

Now, we are not saying that sex and fun is a bad combination! It is an amazing mixture for sure! We as their female counterparts are passionate and love to please our partners sexually. If that is you, don’t get caught up in unfair stereotypes about sex and men. Instead, get to business and learn the art of pleasing your partners.

Master these 4 tips to drive him crazy…

  1. Take matters in your hand…

Do you want him to crave for you and get turned on the minute you walk in the room? Do you initiate the act? Would you occasionally take the lead in bed and let him just sit back and enjoy the show? How often you let him enjoy the magic of your hands? Your mouth? Your breasts? Your entire body and soul? Yes, you read it right! Just once in a blue moon, take control over his body with grace! Just confidently stride towards him, push him lightly on the bed and amaze him with your hidden skills! Practice your oral skills, remember wetter is always better! Sex is not a sin. Make him realize that he is your man and be proud of being his woman. Just embrace sexual intimacy for all it is worth. If at all you are not sure how to grow in your sexual confidence, that is okay honey, it is a game of trial and error!

2. Cherish orgasm together!

Maybe orgasm is not everything to look forward to in a sexual encounter, it certainly is a very strong feeling. For a few women, in particular, having an orgasm EVERY time is not necessary. We mean how can a woman not care about climaxing. Really?! It is the most relaxing feeling one can ever experience! Besides that when you climax, it is not only good for you, it is incredibly satisfying for your partner as well! Dear women, give him the satisfaction of watching you reach ecstasy and assure him that he is on the right track! Dear men, if you are reading this and you realize that you have been a selfish lover, ignoring what it will take for her to climax, stop being selfish, okay? It’s not helping you or your relation. Just eat the forbidden fruit together!

3. Play around with your clothes on!

Being naked is heaven, we all know it! But playing around with your clothes on is such a tease! Ohh yes ladies, men love it when you are all dressed up for him! As soon as he comes home, hand him a glass of wine and play your favorite music! Now, he is your audience, so perform a strip dance for him! Tease him as much as you can with your clothes on cause it such a turn on where no skin is revealed, yet, he just wants to grab you! Even better, let his fantasy come alive, play a hot nurse, a sexy teacher or crazy Harley Quinn, just get into the character and take over his mind! Let his imagination run wild!

4. Experiment with new skills!

After taking control over his mind and body, thrill him by being his naughty girl! Your man has no idea how crazy, kinky and amazing your ideas can be. Is there something you always wanted to try but were too shy to say it out loud? Well, it is high time you speak up, cupcake! Bring your fantasies to life! You want him to spank you like Christian Grey spanked Anastasia Steel in Fifty Shades Of Grey? Well ask him, you never know he might have been dreaming about it too! Sex toys are also something that is gaining a lot of popularity in Indian couples these days! Order yourself a little toy and ask him to use it on you to steam things up! Believe us he will simply go crazy over it! Keep on experimenting with your partner, even surprise him!

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