Cassandra Hernandez

Communications in Public Relations


Raised in Toppenish, WA. Finishing my Sophomore year at EWU, pursuing a degree in Communications with a focus on Public Relations. I am 20 years old and have 2 siblings (nothing significant). I come from a very Mexican household and learned Spanish as my first language. I have terrible luck with cars, as in I tend to break each one that I touch- not sure why. I also have a goat farm back home, so let me know if you have any goat related needs (nothing weird, please).

10 “Interesting” Facts

  1. My cat ran away 2 weeks ago
  2. Orange is my favorite color
  3. I also really enjoy oranges in general
  4. My car is orange
  5. Orange
  6. Don’t know how to juggle
  7. I believe coffee is something you can drink all day long
  8. I collect stamps
  9. Big fan of corgis
  10. Still haven’t learned how to swim

Cautionary Tale

When I was about 7 years old, I was watching Chucky with my mom when she fell asleep. I had a bowl filled with popcorn on my lap and had been fishing around the bottom gathering up the un- popped kernels and shoving them into my nostrils, just because I wanted to distract myself from the movie, which I was very afraid of. Although I got to a point where I had about 3 kernels in each nostril and couldn’t breathe very well and couldn’t get them out, so I had to wake my mom and she then took out each one with a pair of tweezers. Anyways, that was the day that I learned that you probably (I use that term loosely) shouldn’t put popcorn kernels in your nose.