The timeline and launch strategy for the Altair Crowdloan and parachain auction

Altair 💫 is launching its crowdloan soon! Read on to learn more about how to contribute and what to expect.

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What is Altair?

Altair is one of the fastest spinning stars in the galaxy, and is also the bridge from Centrifuge to Kusama. You will now be able to tokenize real-world assets and finance them on the Kusama network.

Altair combines the industry-leading infrastructure built by Centrifuge to finance real-world assets (RWA) on Centrifuge Chain, with the newest experimental features — before they go live on Centrifuge Chain. It is the network for users who want to test…

Push the limits of financing your assets on Kusama.

Centrifuge is excited to introduce the world to Altair — the home for financing assets on Kusama. Built for risk-takers and innovators who dare to push the limits of DeFi: powered by the AIR token

Take Your Assets Interstellar 💫 with Altair.

Altair combines the industry-leading infrastructure built by Centrifuge to finance real-world assets (RWA) on Centrifuge Chain, with the newest experimental features — before they go live on Centrifuge Chain.

Altair is built using Substrate, and will have nearly the same codebase as Centrifuge Chain (just like Kusama is to Polkadot!). It is an experimental network for users who want to test the bounds of asset…

And our roadmap to the Parachain Loan Offering

In our last community call we shared our roadmap update. If you didn’t get a chance to join, watch the recap here, and make sure to stay tuned by joining our Telegram, following us on Twitter, and subscribing to the newsletter. In this post, we are going to dive a bit deeper into one of our important projects for the coming months: Centrifuge’s Parachain launch!

Centrifuge Chain is the home for real-world assets on-chain. Mainnet went live in April 2020, and our Tinlake Dapp launched immediately after. Tinlake is the Dapp for decentralized asset financing. …

Welcoming Chorus One to the Centrifuge Council

Centrifuge Chain has a formalized governance system that is encoded on-chain utilizing the Substrate democracy pallet. This enables on-chain voting mechanisms for binding and transparent governance by Radial (RAD) token holders.

RAD holders can vote with their stake on referenda that are proposed by the Centrifuge community or the Centrifuge Chain Council; a body of 7 members elected by RAD holders. To make any change requires a stake-weighted majority approval by RAD holders.

RAD holders can propose and vote on changes such as runtime upgrades, distribution of treasury funds, chain parameters, and the governance system itself. …

Access to financing for any real-world asset today is restricted to a legacy and siloed process that is inaccessible to a majority of businesses. Despite the overwhelming need for a holistic solution, existing applications only target a portion of the problem. Centrifuge provides the first openly accessible, end-to-end solution to enable real-world assets to gain access to financing.

Centrifuge Chain allows businesses to quickly and easily tokenize their assets and seamlessly connects them to the DeFi ecosystem through Tinlake, our securitization protocol — making it the ideal solution to originate real-world assets. …

The efficiencies of building a single-purpose chain with a bridge to Ethereum

Why is Centrifuge building its own blockchain? Though we are built on and loving Ethereum, we have needs that just can’t be met with this architecture as it exists today.

In this post, we will go through the properties that matter most to us at Centrifuge, and outline how Ethereum’s positive qualities, such as its multi-purpose design, large ecosystem and community driven governance, also hinder its speed, cost and efficiency- and thus usability for Centrifuge. Centrifuge Chain is optimized specifically for the transactions required by the Centrifuge protocol. This achieves a much more efficient execution of these transactions and allows…

Berlin Blockchain Week 2019 is set to be another great year of events! Aside from the main events (Web3, DappCon, EthBerlin Hackathon), there are many great side events taking place. I’ve summarized my recommendations below!

A few things to note:

  • I indicate the key interests each event may cater to
  • Look out for “💥W” for events with women speakers!
  • 🎉 for my top 5
  • Some of the events claim to be sold out — but I encourage you to reach out to the organizers if you are *really* interested! …

This post was originally created as a presentation for EthCC 2019

I want you to walk away from this post with a better understanding of why inflation — or rather, a growing money supply — is important in both traditional and token-based economies. To do that, we are going to answer the following:

  1. What is inflation?
  2. What is the downside of inflation?
  3. What are the positive outcomes of a growing money supply?
  4. How can a growing token supply support the growth of a token-based economy? *take a look at the model here*
  5. What other benefits and vulnerabilities can a growing…

As we work on building Centrifuge, we would like to share some insight with the community about our product design approach. The following is the first in a series of posts detailing our Token Design journey: from initial considerations to technical deep dives. Welcome to Centrifuge Token Design: Part 1.

Illustration by Stas Leontev

Hi! I’m Cassidy. I lead Cryptoeconomics & Research at Centrifuge. My background is in Economics, most recently with a focus on Central Banking. I bring that focus into my work on token economy design and engineering. …

Economics | Token Design @Centrifuge | @ColumbiaSIPA grad | Yoga teacher (and student)

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