My recommendations for Berlin Blockchain Week 2019

Aug 15 · 4 min read

Berlin Blockchain Week 2019 is set to be another great year of events! Aside from the main events (Web3, DappCon, EthBerlin Hackathon), there are many great side events taking place. I’ve summarized my recommendations below!

A few things to note:

  • I indicate the key interests each event may cater to
  • Look out for “💥W” for events with women speakers!
  • 🎉 for my top 5
  • Some of the events claim to be sold out — but I encourage you to reach out to the organizers if you are *really* interested! With so many great events there are sure to be many no-shows as well…
  • I separate the information-focused “key events” from the “fun events” 😜

MONDAY, 19 August


🎉👉18:00–21:00 Interoperability Summit: Fabric Ventures & Keep 💥W
“Bridging the decentralized ecosystem”
Interests: Cross-blockchain communication & fiat on-ramps
➣ Projects: Keep Network, Cosmos, Polkadot, Ramp Network, MakerDAO, Messari

👉18:00–21:00 Enabling Next-Generation Finance w/ Blockchain
“A primer on open finance applications for real-world usage”
➣ Interests: How to finance digital assets
➣ Projects: Aave, MakerDAO, Bitwala

👉19:00–21:30 Rust for Decentralized Technology
“Meet the people behind the frameworks and ask questions”
➣ Interests: Rust!
➣ Projects: Parity, Fluence, Nervos


👉21:00–2:30 Orchid’s Bandwidth Without Borders Event 💥W

Tuesday, 20 August


👉18:30–21:00 The Blockchain Developers Summit
“Gathering of blockchain developers to talk about tools and concepts”
➣ Interests: Developer tools
➣ Projects: Zeppelin, Etherlime, Pillar

👉14:00–18:00 Daofest 💥W
“Learn about Decentralized Autonomous Organizations”
➣ Interests: How to launch, interact with, and understand DAOs
➣ Projects: DAOstack, Blockscience, dOrg, Consensys, Gnosis, 3Box

🎉👉18:00–20:30 Web3 Usability: How it will be Better than Web2 💥W
“Web3 tools for better user and developer experiences”
➣ Interests: General overview of Web3 & its value proposition
➣ Projects: 3Box, OScoin, Enigma, WalletConnect, Parity

👉18:30–23:00 Evolution of DeFi from International Perspectives
“DeFi Business models and infrastructure”
➣ Interests: How blockchain will change business models in the finance industry
VC Panel: Pantera, Fabric Ventures, Multicoin, Kintaro


👉7:00–8:30 Morning Yoga + Coffee with Celo / Jivamukti Yoga Kreuzberg

WEDNESDAY, 21 August


👉18:00–21:00 CodeDao: The Future of OS in the Blockchain Era 💥W
“What does the future of decentralized OSS development look like?”
➣ Interests: Open Source Software
Projects: Gitcoin, Ditcraft, codeDAO, Samsung Next, innogy

👉18:00–21:00 Exploring blockchain to fund scientific research
“Funding research and science: How might blockchain technology and the token economy create better incentives?”
➣ Interests: Blockchain use cases — funding scientific research
Projects: Molecule, Humboldt University “Blockchain for Science”

👉18:00–22:00 The Governance Games 💥W
“The challenges of decentralized governance and how it can be gamed”
➣ Interests: Governance!
Projects: Aragon, Summa, Ethfinex, DAOstack, Autark, ZKPodcast

👉19:00–21:30 Bridging decentralized & centralized ecosystems 💥W
“Bridging decentralized and centralized ecosystems”
➣ Interests: How decentralized technology interacts with existing financial solutions
Projects: Centrifuge, Solaris Bank, r3, INATBA

👉19:00–21:30 WASM on the blockchain
“Explore Wasm technology implementations”
➣ Interests: WebAssembly!
Projects: Oasis, Parity, Fluence


👉15:30–17:45 Boat ride to centre: Web3 Collab

👉19:30–01:30 EthBerlin Opening Party

👉20:00–22:00 DAI Dappy Hour — BEERlin Edition

THURSDAY, 22 August


👉12:30–16:30 Building the New Data Economy / Ocean Protocol
“Creating a world in which stakeholders have ownership and control over their own data.”
➣ Interests: Data ownership
Projects: Ocean Protocol

🎉👉17:00–21:00 The Misfit Economy: Conversations on Defi 💥W
“What types of financial innovation are needed to address concrete, real-world problems?”
➣ Interests: How can Decentralized Finance solve real problems today?
Projects: Centrifuge, MakerDAO, Aave, Agrikaab, Open Money Initiative, Molecule

👉18:00–22:00 #blockchainhackers vol.3 💥W
“Gathering the world’s best blockchain security experts to share knowledge”
➣ Interests: Blockchain security
Projects: Hacken, ChainSecurity, SmartDec, Consensys, LeastAuthority


👉19:00–21:00 Panvala Launch Party

Friday 23 August


👉9:00–18:00 Decentralized Storage Summit
*30 speakers, 2 women..💥W?
“Presentations and panels on topics such as file storage, databases, adoption and more”
➣ Interests: Data storage
Projects: Sia, Swarm, The Graph, BigchainDB, Bison Trails, Piñata, ENS

🎉👉9:00–18:00 Token Engineering Global Gathering 2019 💥W
“The latest research, application, and initiatives in token engineering”
➣ Interests: Cryptoeconomic Systems
Projects: Centrifuge, BlockScience, WU Vienna, Brave, Ocean, Commons Stack, Consensys

🎉👉18:00–20:30 Mediations on Free and Open Source Sustainability​ 💥W
“Discussion on the complex relationship between FOSS and money, differing definitions of sustainability, and the future of FOSS in web3”
➣ Interests: Open Source Software Sustainability
Projects: OScoin, Gitcoin, SourceCred


👉7:00–8:30 Morning Yoga with Celo / Jivamukti Yoga Berlin-Kreuzberg


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Economics | Token Design @Centrifuge | @ColumbiaSIPA grad | Yoga teacher (and student)

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