Advice I wish I could give myself.

  1. wash your hair. It’s been 2 weeks since you’ve gotten out of bed. You’re crying too hard for a boy who doesn’t see the stars in your eyes.
  2. cheap liquor that tastes like peaches and rubbing alcohol numbs the pain but leaves your stomach hurting, and im not going to be there to hold your hair when you drink him down, and when he comes back up and burns your throat all over again.
  3. eat something. He’s not worth the black outs and shaky hands. He’s just a boy who pulled you in too deep.
  4. latch your heart shut. Save the key for someone deserving and willing to break down your walls. You are a hurricane. Not a stitched up chest that he can rip open and let bleed out every time he’s bored or “misses your voice.”
  5. wear the dress you wore on your first date. Wear it every day. Create new memories in it so you don’t see him every time you open your closet. You don’t fucking need him.
  6. a blank sheet of paper is your new best friend. I hope your bedroom becomes an art gallery and you paint the paper and not your skin.
  7. i still have the scrapbook that summed your entire relationship. You might not forget him but you sure as hell won’t miss him.
  8. sleep on the floor when your bed feels too empty without him. I’ll bring you extra blankets and pillows.
  9. no, she’s not prettier than you. She’s nothing special like you are.
  10. he isn’t the same person you fell in love with. He doesn’t need your voice to sleep anymore and that’s okay. You’re in love with a stranger now. He’s not the boy you kissed last weekend or had movie marathons all day with, so let him go.
  11. you’re not letting go of the boy you fell asleep with 3 months ago. You’re letting go of the one who doesn’t care if you fall asleep crying or not.
  12. don’t let him wipe away your tears. His fingers are razor blades and your cheeks will drip with blood. Don’t let him turn your freckles red.
  13. you ARE the world. He doesn’t deserve you.
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