Lie to me

Make this easier for me.

Tell me i never meant a thing to you.

Tell me my eyes were nothing special, that you never got lost in them and they never made you feel like you were drowning. That when you told me they looked like universes, you really meant black holes, you really meant all the dark and none of the stars.

And my hands; how they only looked like wounds about to break open and you only held them to keep them from bleeding out,

Tell me how you never let go because you weren’t ready to watch me break yet.

Tell me how you hold her hands close to your chest now, hold them to your neck and your lips; how they never shake like mine did.

Make this easier for me.

Tell me you never loved me at all. Tell me i was a passing breeze but you wanted to get caught in a storm. Tell me you were looking for so much more but settled for less.

Tell me how the next breeze came stronger and heavy with rain; how you couldn’t wait to chase after it.

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