You used to call me your world and i remember living for that. Literally. i don’t know what it was about you that made you so special, but God, you were the best I’ve ever had. I didn’t think people like you existed, especially for people like me. I guess i never really thought i’d be lucky enough to be loved by someone like you. And during the time you still loved me, i want you to know that i didn’t take you for granted. Yes, we had fights. Yes, i said things i shouldn’t have, but i only did those things because i wanted the best for you. I was always looking out for your future. I appreciated every single little thing you did. Taking me home from school when i got sick, and then staying and cuddling me.

I fell in love with the things you hated about yourself. I don’t ever think I've been so devoted and given my all into anything before you. A love like ours was magic, and now i know why people say magic doesn’t exist. Love really is blind.

Sometimes i wish i could’ve snapped out of it. Listened to what everyone was saying and not blowing it off. But misery loves company and we were both fucking messes.

I can’t hate you for leaving me, for breaking my heart, for moving on. I can’t hate you for trying to be happy. Even if I wanted to, i couldn’t. How could i possibly hate someone who defined the word love and showed me such unconditionally? I promised i’d always love you and now i’m fucking terrified that’s true. I know nothing lasts forever and in a world like this, it’s hard finding someone who will love you unconditionally, and i guess i was just hoping that I did.

There’s seven billion people and all i fucking wanted was you. But you’re stuck on someone who sees you as one of the many pretty faces. All i ever saw was you. I saw all of you, even the parts you tried so desperately to hide. It was always fucking you.

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