Starting good habits

In my previous post, I talked a lot about the bad habits we have when we react to stressors in our lives. Today, I want to talk about starting good habits.

What I’ve been doing

Lately, I’ve been trying to start some good habits. Instead of sitting on my phone before I go to bed every night, I’ve started to read. I used to do this a lot as a kid and I wish I didn’t stop. I know the culprit though. Two words: social media. When I was younger, the most I had was Facebook. Now, there are so many platforms and endless entertaining content. You can be up until the early hours of the morning scrolling. Now I’m trying to break this habit and read a book before I go to sleep. It calms me down and it’s a more productive form of content consumption!

When I start my day I make sure I do something productive. Like what I’m doing right now, writing this. Whether it’s writing or working on my job hunt, I make sure I get those tasks done before I turn on the TV or hang out with friends. I did this when I was homeschooled too. It makes me feel relieved to get all of my work done and then I can have the rest of my day to do whatever I please.

When I start to feel stressed and unorganized, I decide to clean my physical space. I tend to feel better after ridding my space of clutter. Even if it’s something small like folding laundry, it makes me feel more productive. One morning I was feeling unmotivated to do work on my computer, so I decided to get up and clean instead. After that, I felt more motivated and was able to sit down and get work done. If your mind is wandering to a task and it’s calling you to do that instead, sometimes it’s beneficial to listen to that and go towards those activities. It will make you feel better and you’re still getting something done in the meantime!

What I want to do

One thing I really want to do is exercise more. I used to be a dancer, then I worked in food service, but now I’m doing absolutely no exercise. At least at my job at a cafe, I was still lifting things and moving on my feet all day. Now I’m just sitting at home on my computer most of the time. I think I want to find a 10-minute workout I can commit to every day. It would be a short period of time, but doing it every day would be better than nothing. If anyone has any suggestions, leave a comment on this post! I would really appreciate it.

I think once I have a consistent job I will be even more productive. I like having a routine, and right now I have so much free time I jump to whatever my brain wants to focus on for the day. This is still productive, but every day is different for me. Some people may envy this type of lifestyle, but I actually can’t wait to be committed to a job Mon-Fri that I can depend on.

What do you want to do?

What good habits have you wanted to do? Why not try and do them? I want to make a goal this week to find a workout I can follow along with every day if not every other day. Make a goal along with me to achieve a good habit you want to commit to! There’s not a better time to do it than right now. I’m tired of constantly saying “I’ll look into it tomorrow”. That’s procrastination at its finest and I’m sick of it controlling me. Starting good habits is harder than developing bad ones, but we have to make a conscious effort to commit to them so that we can improve our lives. Let’s start together! Comment on this post a good habit you want to get going. We got this💪🏻



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Cassidy Donohue

Hey there! I’m Cassidy and I’m currently in an apprenticeship program called Praxis. I’m very passionate about writing and interested in marketing.