Hello, fellas, Here I am — A little about me

So this morning I checked my bank account and realized I got my last paycheck after almost two years of doing marketing for one of the greatest companies in DC (take my bias with a grain of salt). I knew that leaving my job to start working towards my UX career was definitely the right decision, but I couldn’t help but stop in my tracks for a minute and really think about what I had set in motion the day I applied to UXDI at General Assembly.

This move was all about taking myself out of my comfort zone. The feeling was familiar, I had done it with these sorts of consequences once before. I left the comfort of a college classroom, friends, family, and a familiar city to work at a startup ed tech company in a new city where I knew absolutely no one. Now, I’m about to do it all over again as I leave the comfort of my steady job and embark on the journey to becoming a UX designer. It was actually at my company where I saw the role of a UX designer come into play and was able to understand the value they bring to a company. After dedicating resources to improving our company’s website UX, we saw a major increase in website traffic that actually sourced millions of dollars in pipeline revenue. As soon as I saw the impact that a UX designer can have on the perception of a company, I knew it was something I wanted to wrap my head around and dedicate time to learning. Soon after I made that decision, the General Assembly UXDI course description nearly fell into my lap and I decided it was the perfect opportunity for me to completely lose myself in user experience design, so, here I am. Wish me luck!