A New Chapter

tl;dr I’m going full-time at elementary

My Career at System76

In 2013 I was looking for a new high end laptop to help with my elementary contributions — I wanted it to be powerful and high quality, and of course it had to support Linux out of the box. I settled on a System76 Galago UltraPro, and we were able to purchase it in part thanks to the new elementary t-shirt store I was running out of my dorm room.


During my time at System76 I was fortunate enough to be able to continue working on elementary. Never at a full-time capacity while at work—my focus obviously was always on what was best for System76—but there was often overlap. We made the decision to work with elementary on the new installer, which has been shipping in Pop!_OS, enabling out-of-the-box full disk encryption since 18.04. Pop!_Shop is a light fork of elementary AppCenter. And then of course nearly every weekend and evening after work I would hack on elementary things, write up blog posts, and help run the complex machine that is a company, operating system, and growing app ecosystem.

Apply at System76

If you’re a UX designer who loves the idea of working at an open source company, head over to system76.com/careers and check out the UX Architect posting!

Co-founder & CXO at elementary, Inc. GNOME Foundation member. UX Architect. Writer. He/him/his.