The new MacBook Pro is kind of great for hackers
Adam Geitgey

I get the point the article is trying to make. But at the same time, it glosses over a few facts:

  1. This MacBook Pro is the most unfriendly MacBook Pro ever made to opening, repairing, or upgrading.
  2. Out of the box, it works better with an Android device and its accessories (all USB-C) than an iOS device or its accessories (you can’t connect the two without buying an extra dongle or adapter, and can’t use Apple’s new headphones with the MacBook Pro).

It’s actually hilarious to me that Google has out-Appled Apple in the “Just Works” category of late: their phones, tablets, laptops, smart home devices, etc. from the past couple of years ALL use a single standardized port for charging and data, versus Apple’s smattering of Lightning, USB-C, and legacy ports.