These “mistakes” were always followed by some sort of pardoning comment like, “This is our daughter, she just has short hair,” or “Oh, no, her hat is just covering her pretty face.” The surprised and flustered strangers would usually stumble over themselves trying to explain away their mistake.
A Boy, Mistaken
Ethan Johnstone

This happened to me so much as a kid. From being bullied up until 7th grade for “looking like a boy”, to adults mistaking me for a boy (it happened once in high school, oddly enough, but th e teacher was foreign, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt). Part of it was my hairstyle and i believe part of it was just that I appeared androgynous so unable to tell gender + short hair + baggy clothes = boy.

It killed my self esteem. It’s one thing if people make fun of different things about you, it’s another if everyone makes fun f rhe same featur/appearance

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