First Drafts of Your Favorite Catchphrases

TV shows and movies are hard to make! Some of your favorite sayings might not have been borned if it hadn’t been for some crucial rewrites. Below are some first drafts of catchphrases we all know and love. Could you imagine??!

“Am I️ at fault for this?”
(“Did I do that” — Steve Urkel, Family Matters)
“I️ don’t like the first day of the work week because my friend Jon is gone most of the day, and the weekend always makes me forget this day is coming.”
(“I hate Mondays” — Garfield)
“Oh zonkey that was right scary.” (said in an Australian accent)
(“Zoinks!” — Shaggy, Scooby Doo!)
“Jump jump and a wheee!”
(“Up up and away” — Superman)
“Imma gonna fuck you up so bad.”
(“Its clobbering time” — The Thing)
“I’m gonna cum webs!!” (scared)
(“My Spidey senses are tingling” — Spider-Man)
“It’s pilot season, gimme CRABS!”
(“Visiting LA next week, recommendations?” — Bi-coastal pals)
“I love rock and roll…and CRABS!!”
(“And twins!” — Beer commercial)
“I have no use for language, give me fire please!”
(“Yabba Dabba Do!” — The Flinstone Man)
“I’ve had it with these motherfucking crabs on this motherfucking plane.”
(I’ve had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane — Neville L Flynn, Snakes On A Plane)
“What’s up cuck?”
(“What’s up doc?” — Bugs Bunny)
“Excuse me Swiper, but I believe what you covet is that of mine own property. Might you leave instead and cause no fuss?”
(Swiper no swiping — Dora the Explorer)
“Can I go home now? I want to see my brother and the dog.”
(“I’m Fraiser Crane” — Fraiser Crane, Fraiser)
“And thats all San Francisco, have a great time.”
(“Stay Classy San Diego” — Ron Burgundy, Anchorman)
“Gadzooks my dude, are you birthing a cow from your own loins? Cause if so…stop.”
(Don’t have a cow man — Bart Simpson, The Simpsons)
“Force have with you be to with force behave.”
(“May the force be with you” — Yoda, Star Wars)
“Aw fuck I dropped all my pokéballs someone help me to gather them, they were an expensive gift from my grandmama!!”
(Gotta Catch Em All, Pokémon)
“May all your organs run good for all times.”
(“Live long and prosper” — Spock, Star Trek)
“Me Bruce, chomp.”
(“I am Groot” — Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy)
“I am so lonely, please stay a while and talk about my friend Chandler with me?”
(“How you doin?” — Joey, Friends)
“MMMMedia we love to taste the sweet taste of facts and such.”
(“All the News that’s fit to print” — New York Times)