Hi, My Name is Scott Walker and I’ve Had 4 Beers in My Life

This is a guest post by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

You may know me as the Governor of Wisconsin who has eaten approximately 19,000 Ham and Cheese sandwiches in my adult life. But I also like to cut loose every 4,750 sandwiches or so. I’m not just some uptight suit who only eats cheese curds when I don’t have Hot Ham™ at the ready.

Check out this rad ass trip down memory lane & don’t 4get to vote 4 my boy latro next week amirite yung thugs?

Gotta keep that throat lubricated, my men!

You may have some concerns that this is the same exact beer but I just changed the lighting and put it on a different surface. Don’t fret. I just don’t like change so I keep my camera angles set to terrible. I definitely had 2 beers already at this point in my life, no doubts about it, bros.

Took this one outside! Seemed like an okay time to do it, no one was in my yard playing cornhole without permission so I felt safe for a few minutes. Usually there are hundreds of youths in my yard at any given time playing that darned game, which is why I focused on the yard, rather than the beer. If they were going to come, I was going to see them and not be distracted by my not at all disgusting wheat juice.

Tried a new way to hold the bottle on this one, but still, a Miller Lite.

Well, there you have it. Thanks for reading & confirming I am human and male and white and fun. Maybe we could grab a beer in just over 4,000 more sandwiches?