I am at work and have nothing to do!!

I am writing. I am typing. If you saw me in the office, it would look like I am being productive.

I haven’t gotten any requests for illustrations or graphics at my job today, but i feel weird about continuing to just watch videos on my phone past 4pm, so now I am pretending to work.

I draw and design for my job, so now I am going to draw stuff that’s on my desk. To the dumb naked eye, it will look as though I am doing very important work, but in fact, I will be doing nonsense to fill my time because I’ve already caught up on all my TV shows and read the amount of news I can stomach in a day.

PSA: This next drawing may be deemed “too spooky” for some audiences. Fear not, the prop was purchased at Party City and cannot spread disease, only love and frights.

It’s 5pm! If I was a banker I would be headed home to my beautiful family that I don’t appreciate enough, but I am an artist, so I am staying at work for another hour or so and then going to an event for a fake magazine in Greenpoint. WAS IT WORTH IT? I don’t know. Being an artist is nice cause I can sketch things I like for free instead of know how to do my taxes.

Now for more drawings of stuff on my desk.

Oh my god I am going to be here for another hour and fifteen minutes. Being young sucks cause I don’t want to go out, I just want to go home and sleep. Apparently I’ll be even less interested in doing fun things when I’m older? I don’t believe this though cause my parents are always out doing cool stuff.

I can’t even fake working anymore!!! I wonder if I’m getting sick cause I am extremely tired. I’m gonna go pop a Red one (that means drink a Red Bull for all you non-teens out there) and try to make it last a whole hour.