Pls can I have a golden boy?

Hello I am but a worthless plebe. I maka da graphix and sometimes there are accolades for doing such a job.

One such accolade is the sexy sexy Golden Boy™.

I thirst for the golden boy. He wears a dress and holds up a globe as if to say, “I am the most beautiful boy this world has ever seen, so I am greater than the world itself.” He is not full of hubris, he is correct.

I wish to have a golden boy in my possession so that I too can be validated by his shininess. The prophecy of the golden boy is that he whispers you validations while you sleep and while you are awake. He never leaves you alone, but you don’t want him to. You never lose the lust for the golden boy. Even when you’ve attained one, you’ll dream of more. They will make you feel for the first time that you are not a trash-shit who barely survived high school.

It is said if you have a room full of golden boys, you yourself will see a golden boy as your own reflection. I must experience this.

The people who could give me a golden boy are called “The Academy” they are the elite holders of the golden boys. The golden boys want to be in possession of talented graphix artists but they must first exit the grasp of The Academy.

The Academy, please see it in your hearts to relinquish one of your hostage golden boys to me. I will house him either in my office to make all my coworkers angry with me, or in my room replacing the gold Maneki-Neko figurine I bought in Key West. There will only be room for one type of golden boy in my life from now on if you do me this honor.

I promise to give him a kiss every night before bed and to read him the TV Guide every Sunday. He will be well taken care of and dusted when I notice he has collected dust. I beg of you, give him to me. I must have him.

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