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If I asked 100 different people what I should do with my life, they would all tell me something different. I’ve literally done this before, maybe it wasn’t 100 people but we will just say it was. I got some amazing feedback, but they were all totally different scenarios of what people pictured me doing with my life. Some of which actually inspired and flattered the shit out of me “You really think I could do something like that?” I would think as I sat in awe of their beautifully orchestrated vision for my life. And on the opposite end of the spectrum some would leave me slightly irritated. I learned two things from this experiment:

  1. People can’t choose my future for me
  2. The spark inside is telling me something

intuition, or gut feelings, can be thought of as the voice of our soul communicating to us. Whenever you feel drawn towards something or someone (without a fearful motive), you can be sure that this is your soul trying to guide you.

For a long time, I didn’t trust myself, hence my little science experiment mentioned above. And full disclosure there are actually some concrete reasons why I shouldn’t have for a period of time, and I’ll save all the details for another story another time. But we will sum it up to me making repetitive poor life decisions. I see this now as acting against my intuition. At that time and place, I was closed off and rejecting of what my soul was trying to tell me. I thought dropping out of high-school and opening a house cleaning business was my destiny. Thank god that didn’t workout for me. I had too much noise going on in my head. I had way to much energy being burned into negative outlets, I wasn’t capable of slowing down, pulling my head out of my ass, and connecting to something deeper. So I went against the current of life not with it.

Some stay in this pattern

I’m so happy to say that was was not me. I grew out of that phase and entered into what I call my self-development phase. Which was less of looking outward and more of looking inward. I started building up into a self discovery process. What happens when we enter into this phase is the opening into our inner wisdom, or intuition. The dictionary describes intuition, as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Some of you may recognize that as the “gut feeling” we get that is telling us what is right or wrong; to follow something or to not; this person is great or they suck. You see we don’t always need the concrete tangible evidence to determine such things, when are in-tune, we can feel them.

So with all of that, I was on google the other night and I came across a link that stated Divine Intuition: your personal guide to living your best life. I didn’t even read any further into this because that sentence alone gave me all I needed. I’m sure we have all experienced those AH-HA moments when you finally understand why a certain situation happened how it did. When your in grocery store and you happen to meet a gentle man whom you talk to for over 20 minutes and he says exactly what you need to hear. When you come across a book and its not the one your friend suggested but you feel it and you buy it and it ends up being exactly what you needed. When you meet a new person from out of state or out of the country and you add them on Facebook and come to find out they are you best friends, third cousins, wife. WHEN YOU DON’T WANT TO GO TO THAT DINNER but something inside tells you to go so you do and you end up meeting your next employer!!!! The list can literally go on, and I know you can relate to these pleasant coincidences because you are human and this is part of the human experience. But I don’t think these are really coincidences at all. These deep feelings when something inside you is pulling you into a direction and you don’t really know why, but you feel it, and you are ignited- this is your soul talking to you.

And if your soul can talk to you like this- why aren’t we listening? Why are high school graduates going to college with out a direction because it’s what most people do? Why are we picking that career that we hate because its comfortable? Why are we settling down in our early 20s instead of traveling the world like we’ve always dreamed of? Why are we still hanging out with that person even though they are always a dick to us? Why aren’t being authentic and telling people exactly how we feel regardless of their response?

Honestly most of it is probably fear of getting out of our comfort zone, not believing in ourselves and relying too heavily in others.

Everyone is great and brilliant but no matter what they can’t choose our future for us. Because no matter how well they know us, what they see in us, they will always look at us through their lenses. They can be our mentors, our confidants, our teachers, our inspiration and our love. But other people do not have our life answers. Thats why when we walk in the foots steps of another and its not our choice we feel a discontentment.

We have the answers.

Deep down inside each and everyone one of us- there is something burning. There is a fire so big, a million firemen couldn’t put it out. It calls to us through our darkest pains and most beautiful victories. It talks to us while we are still, when our minds our quiet. It comes to us through the mouths of others and gives us chills and guidance. Its everything around us that is unexplained- god, intuition, connection.

Its real

Its our life’s purpose- and if we trust- our soul can guide us there

Follow it

Originally published at on December 7, 2016.