Bitter coffee and a burnt tongue
Julian Coronado

I saw something amusing on Facebook the other day.

It asked, “How do adults drink coffee? It’s so bitter!” and the answer was, “After your first sip you burn your tongue. That’s when your adult tastebuds come in and suddenly you enjoy the taste.”

It definitely felt that way for me. I hated coffee growing up. Now I have one every morning. I started on mochas with sugar and worked my way up to skim milk lattes, no sugar — I still can’t drink instant coffee, though.

I think the same thing can be said about writing. You start by writing notes to yourself and work your up to blog posts and who knows what’s next? If it makes you happy, then go for it.

I’ve always loved writing, but it’s only been very recently that I’ve decided to take it beyond a simple hobby in the background. I’ve taken the sugar out of my mochas but I’m not quite at latte stage.

Thanks for sharing this Julian. Keep writing :)

About Cass.

After moving from Adelaide to Melbourne in late 2016, Cassidy has decided to follow her passion and begin freelance writing. She’s interested in how we develop relationships with people, places, animals, even inanimate objects — and all the feelings in between. She also swears too much.

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