If you don’t want the new iPhone, don’t buy it.

New tech makes me excited — stop killing my buzz.

I love my phone. I’ve wrote about my codependent relationship with it before.

I only just upgraded to my current iPhone 7 Plus a month ago. I dropped my old one while high on painkillers after having my wisdom teeth removed. Thankfully I was out of contract. Sadly, the painkillers did nothing to numb the devastation I felt at seeing the screen completely shattered.

When I signed the contract for the iPhone 7 Plus, I was excited. Something new to play with. Although part of me knew instantly that I’d probably have a small pang of regret when the new iPhone was released.

As predicted, that’s exactly what happened. I saw the iPhone X yesterday and now I want it.

But it’s not just about having the latest iPhone. I’ve always enjoyed getting new gadgets. I recently bought my first pair of wireless earphones (coincidentally now that my iPhone doesn’t have a headphone jack). I was the first person in my family as a kid to get an iPod and a Kindle. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve upgraded my laptop over the years.

Strangely enough, I’ve never been interested in tablets.

So you know what I did? I didn’t buy one.

I’ll tell you what else I didn’t do: rant on social media to all and sundry saying how stupid everyone is for wanting one.

It’s just a fucking phone, nerds. If you’ve a perfectly good phone and you go and upgrade because Apple tell you to, you’re a fucking idiot.

I guess you’re right, person on Facebook, Apple are telling us to buy their new product. But what’s actually wrong with that? How does purchasing it make you an idiot? If you can’t afford to do so, it probably does… but otherwise I don’t see a problem. Just because it’s not something you want, doesn’t make everyone else who does an idiot.

Apple suck. They change a letter or bring out an update that will be on all phones soon enough and everyone goes nuts.

I’m tired of the Anti-Apple bandwagon. I’m not saying their products are for everyone. I know quite a few people who prefer Android phones, but saying every phone will have the same features soon enough so therefore don’t buy the Apple phone is actually stupid. Apple have paved the way forward for smartphones and handheld devices. They may not be the right one for you and some people can be a little overzealous (as much as I love their products I’d never line up for it), but it doesn’t mean the company sucks.

Yes. It’s just a phone.

Do I need it? No.

Am I going to buy it? Probably not right away given I just signed a new contract for their iPhone 7 Plus model.

But before you jump on anyone who is out of contract and wants to get it even though their current model “works perfectly fine” let me ask you this:

How often do we buy things we don’t necessarily need because they make us happy?

I doubt anyone “needs” those after-work beers or that new book. I definitely don’t —my bookshelf is jampacked as it is. I just got my eyebrows waxed and tinted today but I doubt anyone other than me and my beautician will even notice. Another luxury.

If it’s your damn money spend it on whatever the hell you want.

New tech makes me excited.

So stop being a buzzkill.

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