How To Enhance Your Product Package And Engage Your Customers

Image: Flickr // johnson lever

Billions of dollars are spent on packaging yearly, which allow for easy identification of packages because of the code and symbols that are mostly printed in them. Customers can easily find out or indicate the products required. Thus, it helps to create demand and encouraging sales.

Packaging is an enormous and lucrative industry and is often the way the packaging looks that convince the shopper to buy the product inside it.

There are 5 main reasons why packaging is developed and used today

1. To protect the product from damage or contamination by microorganisms, air, moisture, and toxins.

The product must be protected against dropping, crushing, and shaking it suffers during transportation. Sensitive products need to be protected by a rigid package such as a covered container. The product also can be protected against climate including high temperatures, humidity, light, and fixture that can p[possible result to completely damaging or reducing the quality of the product.

2. Printed information.

Information that is useful to consumers and businesses are usually printed on the packaging. This includes, sell by dates, price, special offers, manufacturers address, contact information, product title, barcode and more. The bar code is very useful for the product sale shop. When the barcode is scanned, the computer system automatically determines if the product needs to be reordered. Also, the price of the product shows up.

3. To select the product.

Packaging is the main way that products are advertised and identified. The package clearly identifies the product, and generally, the package customers recognize when shopping.

Advertising is paramount when a company launches a new or existing product. Package through color scheme or logo, usually are the factors used by the customers to identify the product. The package will also include relevant information including components.

4. Protection during transportation and ease of transport.

The package must be designed so that it is easy to transport, and lift. The package can be in a regular form (like cubic) stacked without much space between each pack being wasted. This means that more packets can be moved in a truck container. The beams can form an unusual form to waste space, and this can be expensive if thousands of the same packaging are transported.

5. Stacking and storage.

In supermarkets and shops, it should be possible to stack the packages so that space is not wasted on the shelves. Lost space on the shelves lost a lost opportunity to sell to the customer. Also, the package must be designed in such a way that all necessary information can be seen by the potential buyer, especially the product name. The next time you visit the supermarket looks carefully in the form of packages. They are usually the same rectangular/cubic shape.

The choice of colors and shades determine whether the product at home is considered a quality, sophisticated or inexpensive item. Packages are often stacked on top and side by side with each other to reduce lost space. The form and shape of the package determine how efficiently it can be stacked or stored.

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