The Best Way to Lend and Borrow Bitcoin with Magiccoin

Many people have been learning about digital currency and decided to jump in. As the value of digital currencies increases in value, their appreciation generates interest from market observers, which in turn helps to increase price gains.

It’s no news that cryptocurrency is taken over businesses, organizations and the financial institutes. As society becomes increasingly digital, the need to offer the masses the same services financial services which they’re familiar with, but in a more efficient, secure, and cost-effective way became a necessity. And crypto’s seems to be the only way to achieve this goal.

Financial institutions are exploring how they could use blockchain technology to upend everything from clearing and settlement to insurance.

  • What Is Blockchain?
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Blockchain can be seen as a decentralized ledger or list of transactions across the peer-to-peer network. This system underlying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which has a potential to disrupt any business processes. The distributed ledger system that started with bitcoin is rapidly becoming a crowdsourced system for all types of verification. Could this replace notary public and the way banks manage transactions?

If you’re familiar with the financial news, you’ve likely heard a similar question like could cryptocurrency replace notary public and the way banks manage transactions?

The crypto market is rapidly growing and changing the way we deal. The masses are beginning to place a high value on the ico. As this system keeps appreciating and crypto’s miner keep smiling, and the news is spreading faster.

How Do You Mine Cryptocurrency?

Either Bitcoin, MagicCoin, Ethereum, or any cryptocurrencies didn’t just fall from the sky. Like any other form of money, it takes action/work to produce it. This work comes in the form of mining.

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As for the bitcoin mining, the process requires a lot of energy. Miners solve complex mathematical problems; the reward is more Bitcoins generated. Miners also check transactions and prevent fraud, so miners are equal to faster, more reliable, and safer transactions.

The most of crypto’s mining comes in the form of lending. Surprisingly enough, the masses do not shy away from lending services. Take for example the MagicCoin. They introduced cryptocurrency lending on 12 Nov 2017 and improved the service to the most generous rate in the industries. Lenders will receive a maximum interest rate of;

$100 — $1000: Volatility Software Interest, Capital Back: 69 days

$1010 — $5000: Volatility Software Interest + 0.35% daily, Capital Back: 299 days

$5010 — $10000: Volatility Software Interest + 0.3% daily, Capital Back: 239 days

$10010 — $100000: Volatility Software Interest + 0.25% daily, Capital Back: 99 days

And this is quite generous.

Another form of Mining is the POS Magiccoin. POS Magiccoin is the first trading platform dedicated to altcoins based on proof-of-stake (from here on will be called POS coins). Not only the investors can trade POS coins via the intermediary currency Bitcoin (BTC) or Magiccoin (MAGE), this platform also allows developers to distribute and publish tokens for their ICO with a competitive fee.

Traders will have access to over 100 types of POS coins easily, quickly and conveniently. They can earn money by exchanging POS coins through stock donations to dig up cryptocurrencies.