Who Search Queries Matter To In the Crypto Business

Cassie Blake
Jan 1, 2018 · 3 min read

People from all over the world love research, which is why the number of search engine queries multiplies on a daily basis from both the mobile and desktop system. People fill the need to ask pertinent questions on the web as the best solution for their problems instead of seeking answers and solutions to their problem from friends and relatives.

For all their good intentions, they might not be too sure about the results they will get using a particular search engine query. The amount of data supplied from a single query doesn’t matter if the results are not relevant to what the user is searching for therefore a waste of time and effort.

As this circle continues to grow, people begin to see why it is much better to have a tailored response or result to follow your search engine queries.

Google, Bing, Wikipedia are essential to search engine results but, are you looking for a much more in-depth understanding of your search queries, insightful detail of all your search queries on your screen on the go and as quickly as possible? Use Wikibits.

A blockchain technology powered search engine results system that allows you pick your relevant results from a search engine is not only insightful but also compelling.

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Wikibits have experienced the massive divide in the data that is in our search results, the discrepancies that go on in correlating the right fact about a particular piece of data. To be able to overcome some of the continuous gaps in the knowledge that is sent out to people when they run to search engines machines for a solution, Wikibit will do that from a token of the Wikitoken launching in January powered blockchain technology.

Bitcoins and other crypto currencies can be converted to this Wikitoken and use to run a more relevant search engine results on Wikibit.

People are always in search of results, and Wikibit brings it to their fingertips. There is no point opening tens of pages looking for a single solution when all you could do is just log in to the Wikibit platform, and you are home and dry. There is no sweating over research papers, assignments, essays and many more.

The Wikibit staffs are significant in various fields of finance, science, health, technology, engineering, business, etc.

The search engine isn’t just about the number of queries; it is about the relevance of results. Experience current and relevant result left or buried under the legs of Google, Bing search engine crawlers that never get indexed.