Breaking the Rules

Is it even possible to follow your dreams without breaking the rules? Now hear me out on this and I will preface with this…I understand why we have rules and that they serve a purpose but the rules I am talking about here are those secret societal based rules that are questionable at best.

Let me share a story with you and I think you will get where I’m going with this.

About a week ago my hubby and I were rock climbing, this was about our fourth time there since we officially became members and have fallen in love with the activity and I was watching Joel climb and realized something that I am so excited to be sharing with you now. When we first started climbing we literally placed rules unconsciously on ourselves.

See there are obstacles and each obstacle is colour coded and has a rating depending on how challenging or advanced the climb is. The first few times we climbed we stuck to the colours and challenged ourselves but we stuck so much to the idea that you must only use the “green” rocks that without even realizing we started to put limitations on ourselves. Has this ever happened to you?

The difference that I noticed this time around was how Joel was climbing. There was a sense of freedom, exploration and assuredness in the action because instead of just thinking green rock, green rock, green rock…it was green rock, pivot, scale the wall, green rock, reach, jump, grasp, green rock…I realized right there that in order to get to the top I am going to have to drop the rules that have been placed on me due to my beliefs and the experiences I have encountered.

So when it was my turn to climb I let go of all notions about what I had previously thought about rock climbing and allowed myself to just climb. Keeping the obstacle in mind but placing no limit on how I could get there. Allowing my strength and determination to push through the fear and if I fell…trusting that it would only be for a moment and that I could and would try again.

This experience has taught me that in order to follow fearlessly in the pursuit of your dreams that you will in fact break the rules. Always question why you follow them in the first place? Do they line up with what your heart is telling you? Do they place limitations on your abilities? No one, no circumstance, no rule should ever get in the way of what your true purpose is. Pay close attention to the intention behind breaking the rules and see where you can bring some of that freedom into your life today.

xo believers.

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