Screw the Resolutions

Cassie Jeans

Well it’s only fitting right…with this being a New Year what is the top resolution the majority of the our lovely North American population will be making…to lose weight and I think that’s awesome. I’m all for loving yourself exactly as you are and seeing beauty in every single person, I do see that…but not at the cost of your health. Many of you don’t know this about me but in the past I struggled big time with body issues. In my teens I was overweight and even right now I remember the day I realized that I wasn’t what I was seeing in the media or in my friends for that matter and it hurt a lot. I was painfully self-conscious, shy, and never felt right in my own skin and because I didn’t know what to do…I just kept on eating…over indulging…I wouldn’t eat during the day except for a cookie from the cafeteria and starve my body till I got home where I would have way more than a normal size portion and repeat that day after day trying to solve the emotional stuff that was causing me to turn to food for comfort. Let’s be very real here ok…food is comforting. Food is a source of pleasure. Food is tantalizing to our taste buds and the more sugar, salt and chemical concoctions it has the better it is at “solving” our problems. Food can often be our friend.

Instead of dealing with this cycle in a healthy way I didn’t know what to do and here’s a little more honesty for ya…I was lazy too…lol. I didn’t do physical activity because I didn’t like it, I was afraid of getting hurt and I didn’t associate it with losing weight…odd I know but I was too afraid to even try for fear that someone would be watching me. So instead I would purge food and punish myself, every day, throughout the day in hopes that I could finally look at myself in the mirror and like what I saw and when that didn’t cut it…I would physically hurt my body. I know I’m not alone in this, in fact I know some of you reading this right now know exactly what I’m talking about.

I don’t talk or write about losing weight a lot until recently and part of the hesitation is I don’t want anyone to feel bad for being overweight. It’s one of those things you can’t hide you know and being there myself, it’s not a great feeling. But one thing I do know is that the more we take a serious look at our habits, our choices and the reasons behind why we do what we do the more we will be able to start breaking the habits. And trust me…it goes in stages so be kind to yourself especially when you’re just starting out.

Even recently I have made a body image discovery. Running was my solution in high school and eating appropriate amounts of food but I never liked lifting weights or pushing my body hard. Again, I don’t like pain but I’ve fallen in love with strength. A strong body physically is a beautiful thing and it goes hand in hand with a strong mind, emotional well-being and spiritual health.

So I say screw the weight loss resolutions! You don’t need them. Make a promise to yourself to start taking care of your body instead. You deserve a strong, healthy, beautiful, sexy body. Do what it takes in a healthy way because at the end of everything, this is one thing I know you won’t regret. I’m at the very beginning stages of trying something new, lifting weights, including body weight and a variety of metabolic workouts, I’m actually entering a 16-week Body Challenge but instead of just saying I’m doing it…I’m going to kick ass and surprise myself. Why? Really…why not?! You are truly beautiful but I’m not the one that needs convincing on that…it starts with you.

xo beautiful people

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