We Learn From Loss

I think one of life’s greatest lessons is loss…

The realization that as much as our energy will continue on our life right now is one of the most precious things we have. So when you hear someone say, “live life to the fullest…” It doesn’t mean that everything you have ever wanted has finally come true…it means to find remarkable in everything that you do, everything that you see, each person you meet, and every sunset you get to see, every wave that rolls over you. Every breath that fills your lungs because life happens all around you…

Do you get that? Even if you think your life is completely mundane I assure you it is not. There is something beautiful that happens every single day…you wake up. You wake up. You get the chance to show someone how much you love them. You get the chance to laugh. You get the chance to hug your children and tell them they’re amazing. You get the chance to call your Mom or Dad. You get the chance to fully embrace all of the amazing that is happening around you.

Because if in reality, it were all gone tomorrow you would wish for all of it back…even the pain because the idea of loss is almost too unbearable…the idea of finite for me personally, is just too much. Never wish your life away…only ever wish that there was more life inside of you.

From loss we learn about gratitude. I don’t know if there is a more powerful force on this planet (other than love possibly) than a grateful heart. I am profoundly grateful for you. I am deeply grateful for my life. And if I started writing about all the other immeasurable people, places and things that I am grateful for this post would never end.

So smarten up…recognize your place and value in this world. You are not an accident. You are certainly not a mistake. And the only loss that you have control over is the loss of your own life. So live it…fully…regardless of circumstance, own it. Don’t down play your worth, act like you matter because you do. My goodness you’re beautiful.

xo believers

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