What Is Your Story?

Cassie Jeans

You know when you’re watching a really great movie and you just don’t want it to end? You are completely mesmerized by the story and when it’s over you’re like, “What? But what happens next?! I want it to keep going!!”

Picture this okay…that is the story of your life especially when you’re living towards something that really fires up your soul. If we started cheering for our own lives in the same way that we cheer for the lives represented in some of our favourite films well that would be pretty darn incredible wouldn’t it?

Your story can be as remarkable as you want it to be. Your story can be one of triumph, victory, perseverance, love, hope, romance, exploration, record-breaking and anything that you want it to be but it can also be a story set on repeat. Imagine if you watched your most favourite movie over and over again, every day (when I was a teenager I did this and the movie was Titanic…no judgment!) and every day the story ended and repeated itself the next day, do you think at some point you might want to watch something different? Change it up a bit. In fact, the actual story itself might become too predictable and the mystery for “what happens next” starts to fade into the mundane and it loses the magic it once possessed.

This can happen in our lives as well you know? Do you find yourself saying things like, “This always happens to me!” “I told you, didn’t I tell you this would happen?” “I’m not surprised, it always turns out this way.” See, we can get so caught up in the stories we tell ourselves about our lives…the hurt, the pain, the disappointment and when we start to expect these things to happen not only do they stick out as the most significant points of pain, but we tend to put them on repeat allowing them to dictate the way our story will end. And every day we hit repeat, reliving the pain, reliving the struggles and we don’t allow ourselves the chance to heal and move on.

Your story is entirely your own. “I take full responsibility for my life.” Regardless of the variables and circumstances that are always going to be there, you have full responsibility for how your story is going to unfold. I obviously don’t watch Titanic every day anymore but I still love that feeling of wanting a really good movie to continue on. Take that really good feeling of curiosity and excitement and apply it to your life today. How will your story end? WIll it be a grand adventure? A wild romance? A breakthrough in technology? A life of affluence? A new career? A happy and whole family? A big goal for your health? It can be anything as long as it gets you up in the morning, out the door and in the direction of wondering “how will it end?”

Start creating your story today and promise yourself that you will make it an amazing one.

xo believers

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