A Semester Testing My Weaknesses and Strengths

The workload I was given throughout the semester tested my ability to write. Going into this course, I didn’t personally know my writing skills thoroughly. I became more acquainted with creative writing and it less about the grade. I was more focused on what my writing meant. In the past, I was more focused on the grade and rubric. My writing had improved, but I have further to work on moving from this course.

As a writer beforehand, I was focused on a set organizational structure. The regular five paragraph, introduction, body, and conclusion. I was stuck on this structure because it’s highly emphasized in the my past schools. Even when the structure wasn’t part of the directions, I still followed it. Compared to the present, I’m much more open to any structure. Most of the time, I don’t follow a structure and see what flows well with the essay. It works out well sometimes, but having a draft works wonders in structure. I was moving paragraphs around in my projects and improving the flow of the writing. This worked wonders in revising and planning out the writing. As a writer, my writing change significantly in structure and organization.

In my first writing assignment, I had a lot of creative freedom with it. My creative writing is far more interesting than the writing I did in high school. I was able to structure it in a way that made it personal. There wasn’t any set questions needed to answer. I just had to answer who I was as a writer and I was able to write the assignment further. From that one assignment, I knew my inconsistencies in writing. I write incomplete short sentences in some of my entries. My audience wasn’t able to interpret the sentence because of this error. In my future projects, I looked forward to the mistakes I made in the future projects. What seemed to be a reoccurring task that I looked forward to was looking for my mistakes.

The next writing assignment was the blog buffets. If I had a favorite writing project, this one would be it. The topics were so engaging and fun to write with. In this project, the criticisms allowed me to further improve the blogs. My best piece of work were these blog buffets because I was passionate in the topics. Creative writing is my strong suit when my ideas and focus are clear. This project helped me recognize one other weakness I had in the next project. In my Community Issues paper, I noticed my projects don’t flow well if my ideas aren’t clear. Most of the time I have many good ideas, but they will clash and my focus isn’t clear anymore. This is one thing I would like to work on in my next chapter of writing. Find a clear topic and have a clear target audience.

This was my first english composition class at Prince George’s Community College. I had no clue on what I would learn during this class. After having this class, I learned what writing truly was apart from the technical skills. I truly got to know myself as a writer after this class. My teacher’s mandatory book “Bad Ideas About Writing” was a great read for writers. It defied many stereotypes or claims people made about writing. The book drove to me think about other ways we can defy the standard. In school, I was only taught one way and in this class I was challenged to write many different things. I’m glad that I was able to have this class to improve myself as writer in the future.

Some of the most memorable readings I’ve seen were through this course. I was able to read the experiences and cultures of my many peers. They had strengths in writing that I didn’t acquire and learned through them. The peer evaluations allowed me to read my other peers papers. As well as evaluate my own writing through the comments I received. They shared amazing stories from their communities in the Community Issues paper. I was able to remember names from the peer evaluations and learn about my classmates through their writing.

While my initial reaction for the lack of focus on grades was nervous and worried. I thought the opposite, my teacher would focus on my grades and be critical. The feedback I received was helpful to take to my next project. I take the criticisms and improve upon them in the forthcoming project. For example, in my Community Issues project, I realized my weaknesses and strengths in the project. I’m able to take those notes and move on to my next english class. The lack of focus allowed me to write freely and creatively in the class while getting constructive criticism.




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