I tell tons of people that having an Agile approach in all walks of life is the way to go. I’ve collected lots of information over the years, but no quick way or method to jump into applying the solo-scrum goals that helped change me, so here is a simple free quick start guide.

  1. Find a place that you can look at regularly and not feel anxiety: your mirror, your office white board, your fridge, don’t care just be sure you don’t feel bad about it. It needs to be place that is a part of your natural routine and helps bring you life.
  2. Write down all your goals you can think of in a 20 min period — this can be personal goals, work goals, family, financial, all the things… just write them down in that place. Use post its, markers, whatever works for that spot.
  3. Spend 15–20 minutes organizing those goals: Oh you came up with more in that extra time frame, its ok… write it down.
  4. Great, you have prioritization — now eliminate the rest of the goals that do not help you get to your top 3 goals.
  5. Check this “place” every. single. day. For 3 months. and give yourself 10 minutes to each day to review and adjust.
  6. See where you are.
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