Manage Your Daggum Ego

I have been burned many a time by focusing on the wrong thing first. Half of the time I think I’m helping my fellow man, but in reality, I’m doing what that natural state of survival does first…. “take care of mine”.

How do you know when you’re more concerned with your ego than the greater outcome of people around you?? Here is my litmus test:

You only respond to things that make you feel good about yourself: A tell-tell sign that you only give a damn about you, is if you find yourself flocking to the things that help you feel proud. Constantly looking at posts about you, projects that you have developed, things YOU are interested in…YOU YOU YOU… well, maybe give you a breather and help someone that offers you nothing.

You say what you think in the form of an article and not in a real conversation with someone you have a conflict with: I’ve been known to be in uncomfortable conversations but I think that there is an art to it and there is also a huge penalty if you communicate inappropriately. Its not hard to take a regular conversation into a crucial one… reading this book is a huge resource for navigating crucial conversations.

You describe things in “us” and not “we”: Its subtle check point, but very powerful. Watch how often you say the words “us” thinking you’re inclusive, and replace that “we”. All of a sudden, you take the strong stance of being ok to let the credit spread, let the love flow and let the good come from the whole.

Now stop thinking about you, and get to work.