End of year reflection tool

One of the pages from the booklet I’ve created.

A few days ago in the Point People WhatsApp group, someone asked for suggestions of tools that help you transition from one year to the next. They’d already heard of the Year Compass (something I’ve used for about 7 years now) but wanted to know if there was anything else around. The group shared their other favourites — Abby Rose and Victoria Stoyanova both use something that Richard Hylerstedt creates. Ellie and Ella Saltmarshe both use a book called Your Best Year Yet (which I couldn’t find!).

Richard Hylerstedt 2017 creation via Abby Rose

It got me thinking though — as much as I’ve loved doing the Year Compass, it doesn’t ask some of the questions I want to ask myself these days, given the state of the world. It can feel quite individualistic.

So I created a new set of questions that I’m going to try on the 1st of January 2019 — and I made a little booklet that you can find here or access from Dropbox here. If you want something more simple, I turned it in to a Google doc too.