Fall in love as often as you can.

I mean it. Fall in love. Do it often, too.

I don’t necessarily mean like a relationship kind of love. Don’t get me wrong, that love is great. It really is, but that’s not the kind I’m talking about. There is so much to love in this world.

Fall in love with things,

With songs: Like the one that’s helped you get over a break up. Or the one that causes a smile to creep along your face. Or even the one that just brings you to a quiet place to reflect on life. With the songs of your childhood. With songs that your friends share with you, it’ll tell you so much about them.

With food: Fall in love with your favorite food, all over again. With new, exotic foods that scare you just a little bit. With comfort food that reminds you of home. With a sweet treat.

With literature: whether that be movies, shows, books, magazines, comics, anything; with the fact that you can escape for a while, knowing you can be someone else. With being able to see somebody’s hard work out there for people to discover. With vulnerability the creator had to let you see.

With pictures: with moments captured forever. with being able to relive things every time you look at them. With the people in the photos.

Fall in love with places,

With home. With your homes away from home. With your happy place. With coffee shops. With bookstores. Anywhere that there are people, such wonderful, unique people. With places that are associated with your favorite memories. Places that have shaped you to be the person you are today. With restaurants. Your safe place. Your bed.

Fall in love with the beauty this earth has to offer,

With the vastness of the mountains and the fact that you realize that there’s something bigger out there than you. With the ocean and the unknown of it, knowing that there’s so much left of this life to be discovered. With sunsets, with the gorgeous colors that can come from it and that the sun will always rise again, you will too. With snow covered trees and the fact that something that may not seem perfect at first has its own hidden beauty. With the changing of seasons and that you can change, too. There is so much beauty on this planet, you just have to go out and search for it.

Fall in love with people,

With the way someone’s eyes sparkle when they’re excited about something. Please fall in love with laughter, with the moments of happiness that come from a good laugh. With the feeling you get when you see an old friend. With the joy of getting a new friend. With your mentors. With your family. With helping someone overcome a fear. With conversations. With helping out those around you. With learning from those around you. With the lessons people teach you.

Fall in love with you,

With knowing that you are the writer of your own story and you’ve got hell of one to tell. With the fact that there’s not a single person on this earth that is exactly like you. With your entire being: body, mind and spirit. With your dreams. That you are a unique vessel of joy, sorrow, fears, accomplishments and potential. You are you and that’s something pretty darn special.

Fall in love like this and I can promise that you’re going to see life in a whole new, wonderful light.

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