Supercharging Our Product Development Process

The journey begins….

These days it’s all about “Intelligent Product Development”. We’re building better, faster, and more personalised solutions on a daily basis, or at least we’re trying to. The aim is to work smarter using more of what we’ve learnt over the years and applying them in new situations, and less of what we think we know and doing it as we’ve always done it. If you want to stay stuck in the same ways you’ve always done it, it’s only a matter of time before you have to move over, or be pushed over.

The world is moving at a phenomenal pace and we’re all caught up in the hype of keeping up. Even our team, which is a part of a niche, traditionalist content production company, has opened their minds and embraced a new way of working (somewhat). We understand that we need to reach people in new ways and using new ideas. The core of our product will always be the same, to be authentic and true to Islam, but the way we package it to a new generation of Muslim Millennials is different than we would have done it ten, if not five years ago.

We need to harness the power of big data and machine learning to solve problems for Muslims across the globe with our access to data, authentic Islamic content and technology. Our aim is to make Islamic content personal for the new generation. It is not about searching through tons of historic texts and getting lost in translation anymore, especially when engaging with the Millennial generation, who are way more tech savvy, informed and willing to switch from one product to the next more often than previous generations.

They want things right now and they are willing to pay for better experiences, not just products and services. They are a generation of smart consumers who are also concerned about the world around them. They are willing to pay for experiences that are in line with their values and they can spot a a lack of integrity and exploitation a mile away.

Our future is about making Islamic knowledge seamlessly integrated into the daily activities of each member of our digital Ummah. By engaging with our members (they are not ‘users’ and we are not some dealers pushing a ‘product’. We are all in this together!) at their level, addressing their needs and problems in all moments of their lives, and even predicting these with some degree of accuracy, we can place authentic Islamic content at their fingertips in useful, delightful and inspiring ways.

And, when it comes to big data, put your heart in it, you’re not a drone. It’s not just about the patterns and the trends, it’s about the possibilities. To get it right, you need the right amount of analytical thinking and crazy all in one! Balance what you know from the data with what you can imagine in the future.

Let’s inspire a generation of Muslims to live their best lives!