Bic Pickle Lighter (Pinterest)

The Lighter

Personal Selection:

I chose a lighter as my tool because I use one nearly every day. It is a cheap, essential, very popular tool that can come in handy at any time.


The first lighter was invented in 1823 by german chemist Johann Wolfgang Dobereimer (1780–1849). This invention was motivated by humanity’s dependence on fire, and the desire to conjure fire on command. Throughout the years the design has been redesigned with Zippo in 1932, Clipper in 1959, Bic in 1973, etc. The leading producer of lighters today is Bic.


Lighters have many uses over a variety of fields and situations such as camping, survival, light, smoking, cooking, crafting, candles, make-up, and is overall a home essential. It is so essential and wanted that they are often snatched by any friend that can get their hands on one.


This product’s target user is any individual over the age of 18, due to it’s obvious danger to children. All adults are able to use this, with new designs to accommodate the elderly with extra large and one-click lighters for those suffering from hand related troubles such as Arthritis and Parkinson's.

Materials & Production:

Simple materials are used in the inexpensive production of the product such as Steel, Nickel, Delrin Plastic, Butane, Rubber, and Flint. Bic produces about 4.2 Million lighters per day, ranging in size, style, and color. The average Bic lighter costs $0.008 to produce, and are sold in various stores ranging anywhere from $1-$4, with many unique plastic sleeves with expressive and fun designs.


The majority of adults are able to use this as well as already know how to use the product. The bright red switch and sleek body design that fits nicely in the palm makes it easy for the user to infer its use. The thumb rolls down the wheel with ease, making the user’s process simple.

Evolution of the Lighter