Withdraw your Waves from Bittrex

We noticed that there are 20 million WAVES currently held on Bittrex, or around $6.5 million at current prices.

Whilst we have no reason to doubt Bittrex’s security, there have been a number of reports of attacks on accounts as hackers have attempted to gain access to registered email accounts and reset passwords. (Read this notice from Bittrex.) Should this happen and your WAVES are fraudulently withdrawn from Bittrex, there is no way to retrieve them.

More generally, it is always best practice to keep coins in a local wallet rather than on exchanges. The security of a private key, so long as it is properly managed, will always be greater than that of a centralised exchange. We strongly advise that you only keep coins on an exchange that you wish to trade actively.

The latest version of the Waves client can be found at www.WavesPlatform.com. The client has been designed for easy of installation and use. It works as a Chrome plugin or webpage, and does not require you to download the blockchain. If you are using it for the first time it will generate a random passphrase or ‘seed’ of fifteen words. You must write these down or otherwise store them securely, ideally offline. This is required to recover your account in the event of computer failure or to open it on a different device. For day to day use you can use a simple username/password system.

Please withdraw your WAVES into a local wallet as soon as possible.