Less. The journey from More.

When things are too much out there, we turn inward and then we discover we’ve got too much in here too.

I’m not blaming Target. Okay. I’m blaming Target a little. It’s just such a welcoming place free of tv news cycles and with perfectly appointed end caps of everything I could want and Starbucks — Target is a soft place to land. A new Fall welcome mat (I’m more basic every single day and I like it that way), Fall scented handsoap, a white t-shirt that I have no business attempting to wear (I have four little kids….I need to give up on my white t-shirt looks for a bit), caving in and buying some Paw Patrol situation and another container of slime (WHEN. WILL. SLIME. DIE? I need an RIP ASAP on that situation) in the inside of an hour I’ve received #TargetTherapy (is that a thing? I made it a hashtag. If it wasn’t. It is now).

After a decade of doing Subtraction Projects I’ve learned something: #TargetTherapy is a call for Less.

I need some ease. I need to step over less. I need less to do. I need less noise. The constant hum of life — I’m waving my hands the way one does when they’ve walked into a spider web or they’re trying to signal that all of this is just too much.


I say the word slower. Audibly. Less.

It even sounds nice.


You’re resisting. Certainly, your audience participation score is important to you, say Less out loud from your mouth.

It’s good, Right?


The path from More to Less is a journey — I like to think of it like a cross-country, multi-leg, many modes of transportation journey. You can’t get over a river on a bike in the same way you can’t subtract t-shirts with the same tactic you subtract old family photos or meetings from your calendar. My role? Think of me as your tour guide. I’m experiencing it all right there with you and I’ve got a map that’s getting us to Less.

If you’ve been feeling the overwhelm, the too busy, the need for #TargetTherapy can we change our destination? Can we set the coordinates to Less? I say we can.

Join me for 12 days of subtracting all the Too Much so it’s more Just Right. You can get the directions each day in your inbox starting Friday, October 19th by providing your email address here: http://subtractionproject.com/