I woke up with a trail of ants on my face. How long was I out for? What do I remember? The ants avoided my breath, I guess. It was nice yesterday, a little warm at some points, but over all, nice. I amused myself most of the day trying to solve a math riddle I had given myself. I could probably do it if I just wrote it down on paper, but trying to sort it out in my head was a lot funnier. I guess “funner” isn’t a word as my iPad kept auto correcting it to “funnier”. Well, whatever. What was I talking about? Oh right, my day. I was walking to the gym and I saw some construction worker with a giant beer belly and one of those faded, trimmed beards, really trying to lay it on this woman who was walking by. I couldn’t tell if she was uncomfortable or not. She probably was but played it off pretty well, in my opinion. Aside the fact of harassing her, which was disgusting, it was his look of satisfaction that really got to me. I walked by and had a million different things I wanted to tell that guy. He was a child. A coward. Real men don’t do that. Grow a pair and grow up. You fat slob. You pig. You fucking scumbag. But I didn’t. I kept walking. Nodding my head in disgust. Feeling sorry for that girl. Upset with myself for not defending her. Questioning myself for not defending her. I wish there were palm trees in this neighborhood. I grew up with palm trees in my backyard that my brothers, and friends, and cousins would climb. Palm trees might be my favorite tree. Thoughts trail across my mind. I get to the gym. I’m sluggish. I hit the bag but it laughs back. You’re taking too long, a fellow boxer tells me. Pivot. Pivot and catch it with the hook. You’re slapping it. Watch your feet, kid. You’re leaning too forward. You’re going to get popped. Jab. Jab and follow through with the cross. Double up on the hook. Good. Good. There you go. That’s it! I am out of breath. I am pretending I am still in it. 1:40 left in the round. I trudge on. The buzzard sounds. I put my gloves away and head out. I look left, then right. I haven’t been working much, lately. I am worried about October rent. Jesus, that’s a month away and I am already worried. I had a conversation with my girlfriend about how much I hate society. Do I hate society? I don’t think I do. Maybe. Nah. I shouldn’t. There are plenty of good things about us. That guy just sucked. I walk home. I pass by a cafe. There’s a mom, sitting by a stroller. I can’t see the baby but the mom seems happy. She smiles. I keep walking. I miss the bus. My knuckles hurt. I get to the construction site. He’s not there. Was I going to say anything? Was I going to confront him? I’m home. I don’t even bother showering. I lay down. Where are those ants? Why don’t I just write this problem down?