Crossposting selected posts from Mastodon to Twitter via

No matter whether I select title or content, the text always says “New status by [username] [URL]”.

I would rather it post the actual status. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong! Do you have any ideas? :S

Update: I’ve managed to get it to work by de-selecting the URL part. So now the settings look like this:

And this is how it looks on Twitter:

Also, in settings, you can ask it to remove your trigger:

Update again: I re-selected URL as advised, and it’s posting URLs now! However, I’ve learned that the trigger-removing tool doesn’t work for some reason, and gifs uploaded to Mastodon are posted as still images on Twitter.

Update again: There is another limitation that’s bugging me — it removes carriage returns somewhere between Mastodon and Twitter.

Update again: It also can’t handle multiple attached images. It just picks one and posts it!