Brand Marketing… For the Government?

We are all aware of the growing importance of a strong social media presence. Businesses have been utilizing this trend, however when you think of brand marketing — you don’t exactly think of the government. This article explores social influence in certain vectors of the business world, and how government/ public agencies aren’t employing these strategies very well. Perhaps if they did, politics and news would be wildly different.

The main premise of the article was to explain how government and public agencies can learn from brand marketing. Key points include knowing how to create greater online awareness, and one way to do this is to have someone who people “want to hear” deliver the message. People are more likely to trust someone that they know and believe in, especially since the internet can be skeptical. Furthermore, constant engagement on public issues on social media can make a big difference in a campaign or petition. People’s trust in news sources is declining, and with that comes the need to revamp this part of the governments online reputation. All in all, knowing the ins and outs of an online presence can make a big difference for not only a company, but for the government as well.

I thought this article provided great insight because of current political unrest. People are looking for new ways to be fed information based on current policies and political drama, which is why heightening the governments branding on social media would be a smart idea. The article mentioned that “62% of people get their news from social media,” making it a very important outlet. Social media is great for policy discussion, and if this platform is used correctly, public and government issues could be branded like a company brands their products.

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