Cassy Myers
Sep 3, 2019 · 2 min read

The definition for overdose: “an excessive and dangerous dose of a drug.”

Overdose does not equal death.

You can overdose on a drug without dying. I had an LSD overdose that was the direct cause of this experience.

Also, death from taking massive amounts of LSD or other psychedelics has occurred. I’m not sure where you are getting your information, but a quick google search can confirm this. Here is what I found after a few minutes of searching:

  1. LSD Fact Sheet
  2. Article about a young boy who died after taking a fatal dose of LSD: Direct cause of death = LSD TOXICITY
  3. “Although many people don’t consider LSD to have toxicity potential, users can in fact overdose on LSD, so it’s important to be educated on the signs and symptoms of LSD abuse and overdose.”-Project Know
  4. An Article on LSD-related deaths. LSD is usually a contributing factor but not a direct cause for most deaths.

I’d like to finish off by stating that I believe psychedelics are medicinal, and can create excellent changes within a persons life. I am not against the use of LSD, recreational or otherwise, but I believe its incredibly important to open up the opportunity to discuss these types of experiences so that others might treat these substances with the respect they deserve.

I don’t mean to come across as snarky, but I would like to eschew on the fact that LSD and other psychoactive substances of the like can be dangerous. You CAN overdose. You CAN put yourself in danger, and they should be treated with caution, with full understanding of what you are taking, how much, and in what circumstance.

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