Minimalism, On Your Phone

For the past two years I’ve been in a cycle of going through my computer and phone to get rid of stuff. Every time I finish I feel like I didn’t do enough. I guess you can call me a photo hoarder. A note hoarder. A video hoarder. It’s crazy. On my macbook I have over 6,000 photos and 300 videos. C r a z y. I have so many notes on my phone. I have so many songs on my phone. Is there a thing that exists such as a song hoarder? I have so many songs on my phone and I don’t even listen to a lot of them.

Minimalism doesn’t just exist in the physical world, but also in the technological world.

We can become minimalists on our devices. Here’s some ways.

1. Delete photos you don’t need

A lot of us have photos we have saved that bring us no joy and don’t tell a meaningful story. I know a lot of people keep screenshots of things you will have no use for later in life. Keep the photos that tell a story you enjoy. Keep the photos you’ll want to look back on later. The loss of some photos if you really think about it, will not effect us. It won’t at all. Maybe all your photos are like that. But I know that I like to look back at old pictures of friends and family because it brings a smile to my face. It definitely comes in handy when I’m down too. So I challenge you to go through every photo you own and get rid of the ones you really don’t need. I have to do it too.

2. Delete videos

Videos you’ll never need and that don’t make you smile or laugh or feel anything have got to go. Pretty simple.

3. Delete Notes

Delete those notes you’ll never go back to find. Delete the ones that don’t give you useful information. Delete the ones you’ll really never go back to read, like that note to your future self to read that book or this book. Or that note that says what your thought was on that subject. I mean, it doesn’t really matter. You don’t need it. If its really important it will stay in your head to be honest. You’ll remember it when the time comes.

4. Delete Apps

Apps you never open and don’t seriously need. It’s just taking up storage and you know it.

5. Delete Music You Don’t Listen To Anymore

Pretty self-explanatory. And I mean, music is free online. If you ever wanna hear the song again just look it up for God’s sake.

6. Do the Reminders

Then you can get rid of them once you’re done.

7. Delete Old Conversations

Unless you like to look back in the past and scroll through old conversations weekly, just delete the old conversations. The conversation already happened, you said what you said, don’t keep looking back at it. If you don’t, then why keep them. Perfect reason to delete them. Free space!

8. Delete Anything Else

Old voicemails, call history, search history, voice memos, etc.

Now I got to go do that…