CastBox, now available on Amazon Echo

Jul 27, 2017 · 2 min read
CastBox, now available on Amazon Echo

Alexa is becoming quite the popular household name nowadays. Amazon’s ever more advanced Echo products are known for their ability to play music, audio books, games and more with ease. Best part is, the entire experience is hands free, as everything can be activated just through simple voice commands. Now, Alexa can even play your podcasts for you, and through CastBox, listening to your favorite podcast shows have never been easier.

To activate CastBox on your Echo, simply go to the Amazon Alexa app and search for CastBox under Skills. Once added, link your CastBox account to your Echo, and you will be able to play any of the over 50 million episodes available for free.

Now, say you want to listen to This American Life hosted by Ira Glass using your Amazon Echo. All you need to do then is just say “Alexa, ask CastBox to play This American Life,” and CastBox will either resume from your last played episode if you have subscribed to the channel, or it will play the newest episode if you have not. If you were listening to This American Life from a previous session, you can also just say “Alexa Open CastBox,” and it will automatically resume from your last played position.

You can also skip past a section of a show by fast forwarding through the parts you don’t wish to hear. To do this, simply say “Alexa, ask CastBox to fast forward xxx seconds/minutes.” You can also skip directly to the next episode of a channel as well by saying “Alexa, next.”

With over 50 million episodes and an easy to use interface, CastBox is striving to be the best podcast player available for everyone. Now with full support for Amazon Echo, we at CastBox strive to make the podcast experience as great as it can be. Our team is working hard to offer more and more contents, updates and optimization, but if you have any suggestions or problems, or just simply want to let us know how your experience using CastBox through Alexa is, feel free to contact us at!

We hope you enjoy listening to your podcasts, and be on the lookout for future guides on how to make your experience using Alexa with CastBox better!

Wanna have your own podcast? You can upload your podcast/audio files and start your channel for free on CastBox.FM!

CastBox is the main product of Guru Inc., a smart startup team founded by xGoogler with App gene. It has been featured for 115 Countries by Google Editor within 1 month. You can stream&download all of the above podcasts using CastBox, the leading podcast app offering 50 million+ high quality audio content for free.

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