Introducing In-Audio Search, ‘CastBox Technology’ that Will Innovate the Way You Listen to Audio

Fresh off of $16MM in funding, CastBox introduces groundbreaking spoken audio technology the audio industry has been waiting for.

The future of UI is audio. With the advent of smart home devices, we’ve predicted this future when CastBox founder and CEO, Xiaoyu Wang, set out to first build what has become among the best podcast app on Android and iOS.

On the back of $16MM in total funding from top Silicon Valley and Chinese VCs who share our vision, CastBox is excited to announce “In-Audio Search,” the next generation of spoken audio technology moving the podcast, audiobook and on-demand radio industries forward.

What is In-Audio Search?

In-Audio Search introduces a completely new way to listen to audio content. Simply search keyword or topics and CastBox will surface the most relevant audio content you want to hear, which are cross-referenced with keywords within the spoken audio file.

Why Is In-Audio Search Groundbreaking?

Traditionally, audio search results crawl channel tags or keywords of an episode and title descriptions. This age-old approach becomes ripe for manipulation by a keyword savvy podcaster — much like the issues plaguing SEO.

What this means to audio listeners is you’re exposed to a poor discovery experience. Podcast recommendations are often irrelevant, only surfacing as a result of keyword stuffing by podcasters.

How Does In-Audio Search Work?

CastBox uses its Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm to transcribe spoken audio content, combined with machine learning to surface personalized results tailored to each user’s search and listening habits.

This enables listeners to find the exact minute and second within an episode that they want to listen to again by simply typing in a keyword, saving you time.

If you have CastBox already, tap on the Search Bar and type any keyword or topic into your search query.

Once you tap into “Episodes”.

Advancements in Tech, Poignant for the Audio Industry

We used to acquire information through traditional means including reading print newspapers or magazines. While these media formats still exist and are consumed, traditional TV and journalism have learned to adapt their strategy, encompassing new channels including social media, mobile live streaming, blogging and more.

On the other hand, the spoken audio industry, including podcasting, on-demand radio and audiobooks, technologically has stuck to what’s ‘comfortable.’

Despite more podcasts uploaded daily, and more spoken audio content readily available, avid podcast listeners will often find comfort with popular podcasts. If you were to ask about the best comedy podcasts or funny podcasts, The Joe Rogan podcast may be a no-brainer; while Tim Ferris show is an obvious motivational podcast; or even podcasts like Serial are top of mind when thinking of True Crime; and of course podcast news services like NPR is a typical top podcast choice.

However for everyone else, and particularly those that might even ask themselves “what’s podcasting” or has Googled “podcast meaning,” a podcatcher and spoken audio platform like CastBox offers a deeper dive into topics and enriches your understanding. CastBox strives to surface only the relevant content using machine learning, disregarding whom long time podcast listeners may consider to be the best podcasters or best podcasts for Android and Apple.

This is where In-Audio Search comes in.

Although In-Audio Search is just the first step, we’re solving the problem for beginner and veteran listeners alike of information discovery or even podcast discovery. Now with In-Audio Search, this is achieved in a way that recommends only the most relevant audio content pertaining to what you’re looking for, making it as simple as “Googling” it.

How Can I Get CastBox?

If you’ve been listening to your daily programming on the Apple podcast app or listening to your favorite programming on an Android podcast app, give CastBox a shot for a completely new way to listen to spoken audio.

Download CastBox on iOS:

Download CastBox on Google Play:

Download CastBox on Amazon Echo:

How to Get Involved with CastBox as a Podcaster

If you’re a veteran podcaster looking to improve how you’re running your podcast or a first timer wondering how to start a podcast, reach out to us at and we’d love to help.