Guide: Acting in Hollywood and avoid Harvey Weinstein

Recently, Hollywood took a massive blow not only for the film industry of financing films but for the players involved.


It’s simple. When a person like Harvey Weinstein who greatly represents the producers in Hollywood and is caught taking advantage of his power, it makes everyone else in the same position, in the same industry look bad.

Harvey Weinstein film producer kissed by Hollywood actresses

It’s going to be pretty awkward for a male producer to talk to a young actress and say “please to meet you I’m ____ and I’m a film producer” without sound or looking like a big sexual predator.

So this could be counter-productive for young actress who go out there to mingle and network with who’s who in the industry.

Now, male producers wont wanna approach anybody for fear of being seen as a predator.

So our advice for aspiring young actors who sees mingling and networking is a big step in landing a role or big audition, please keep on reading below.

  1. Don’t stop mingling and networking. Most important roles are filled with people-who-knows-who who-might- fit-the-role. This will also help you stay relevant by being seen. It keeps you in people’s mind.
  2. Don’t just rely on your agent to submit you to auditions. Chances are you are not their top priority. So always scour the internet for new LA casting calls.
  3. Stay ahead of the game by researching IMDB for films in development who have not filled up roles.
  4. Get in touch with the Casting Director of the project directly. Introduce yourself briefly (a paragraph about yourself). Make it light and casual. You can find the casting director’s info directly on IMDB pro and even on Facebook.
  5. Always follow up but don’t be too annoying. Give casting directors enough time to review submissions for audition.
  6. If you’re audition is rejected, don’t ask for feedback. This is a dumb move. People don’t have time to do this and if you get a feedback, it would be a lie to please you. You gain nothing from this. In fact you would be hated for asking this.
  7. If a producer asks to meet you directly to discuss things, don’t have a negative reaction about it. Don’t automatically think he’s pulling a Harvey Weinstein on you. People who considers working with you would want to get to know you more. So a meeting over coffee or lunch is good place to do that. Tell him politely that you appreciate the invite then inform your agent of this meeting. If during this meeting he tries to go over the line, don’t hesitate to end the meeting short. Say you’re not feeling well or realized you are late for another appointment. Next time he asks you out for another meeting, have him schedule it with your agent.