January 12 at :08am

This will be a strange post. This might have errors in it but I wrote it as soon as I got home last night. Totally messed up evening. I am grateful for having friends rooted in love tolerance and know right from wrong.

It needs to be clearly stated for everyone to understand that Pedophilia psychotics are not covered as a right in ANY of the proposed ordinances.

I didn’t hear any — and I mean ANY — compelling arguments to not vote on the ‪#‎HRO‬ for ‪#‎Jacksonville‬. As a matter a fact, the most compelling argument for the HRO was inadvertently from Roy Bay, a very ignorant person who implicated himself in multiple sex crimes by being ‘in support of the opposition’ for the HRO Bill.

Roy Bay admitted to reigning terror as an “Ex Pedophiliac” on our children and community, and now claims to be saved by explicitly speaking ‘against the Human Rights Ordinance’ in Jacksonville.

He admitted he was molested by a man in the restroom at a young age and proceeded to talk about how he went on to molest other children in bathrooms since that time.

Roy Bay boasted (I kid you not) how he had never been arrested and claimed that all homosexuals molest children in bathrooms. (A statistic he made up in his own warped mind)

He claimed to have given himself to a devout Christian movement that helped show him that what he was doing was unnatural and a sin.

Think about that statement.

He admitted to the Jacksonville City Council that he molested children, was never caught, but was now saved and now he needed to stop others from committing the crimes that he himself committed (and got away with).

He stated his name, his address, he named his church that had given him safe harbor, by showing him the proper way to interact with other people, without reporting his actions to the police.

When I think back on his statements, I’m reminded of friends I know personally, people who have been molested — who never chose to act out and manipulate other people. What about their rights?

I think about my own experience with faith, and also with being molested as a six year old child. The harm inflicted upon me has catapulted me into spending the majority of my life avoiding physical interaction with people out of distrusting their intentions.

The most shocking, and frankly… most revolting aspect of Roy Bay’s tirade, was his complicit confession, the utter lack of empathy for the people he affected.

His view of the world was rooted in his own self-righteous indignation and guilt that compels people to misdirect their own abhorrent actions on helpless children by replacing them with a frothy emotional appeal of a generic salvation provided through an evangelical “God’s” love.

Roy Bay needs a real ‘Come to Jesus,’ moment.

A Jesus Moment where he is responsible for the actions he’s committed in this world. A Jesus Moment where he absolutely turns himself into the authorities for manipulating and molesting children in public restrooms.

A real “Come to Jesus Moment” where his church is admonished for harboring a pedophiliac in their Church for years (since 1985) without saying a word to law enforcement.

Jacksonville City Hall should absolutely arrest him and anyone in that church that was complicit in hiding his criminal acts from the public.

Wake up Jacksonville. The Human Rights Ordinance protects not only Christians, but EVERYONE. It protects ‪#‎LGBTQ‬’s, it protects your children, and it also protects any other religions that may get attacked (as of late, it’s happening on a weekly basis).

Either you are affected by the humanity of the HRO movement, or you are blindly possessed with being a part of the problem. Either all citizens matter, or none of them matter. If none of us matter, then we aren’t in America, and this isn’t my home.

I am not obligated to accept his revolting concept of impending doom and hypocritical fear based love as penance for what he did.

I am not afraid of the blind bigotry and the reign of fear based tyranny ends now.

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