Donald Trump’s 8 unconventional rules for marketing yourself
Rob at

I understand what you were trying to do here Robert, but no.

He didn’t write any of his books, he had ghost writers. Economists have stated that Trump would be more successful if he just sat on his inheritance, since most of his investments have been bad or are currently failing.

1. “Make it clear you’ll follow through,” isn’t enough. You have to actually follow through. Unlike Trump.

2. Use words that work, yes, but actually saying sentences that make sense is more important. My target audience is NOT the willfully ignorant, they don’t tend to make good clients.

3. He made headlines because he’s a billionaire running for president that made insensitive remarks about a topic that tends to be very divisive. The tech and digital world equivalent of saying Linux should be banned because hackers might use it.

Because of these “out of the blue” remarks, bookings at Trump Towers have dropped 60% since his campaign started. How is his business savvy working out now?

4. He calls people names because he’s a bully. This is a personality trait not business smarts. Talking shit isn’t generally a good business model.

5. The kid across the street running a garage sale knows that you start the bid high and then you work your way down. But the kid across the street, doesn’t have a team of lawyers that threaten an endless lawsuit if you try to collect what you are owed.

No rational human being would allow themselves to be fooled into thinking that any kind of thought-ban is reasonable.

6. According to some sources, he’s now predicted to lose by 88.9%. Clearly, his style isn’t working.

Being fearless and pushing the boundaries doesn’t mean being an asshole.

7. He doesn’t get into specifics because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

8. He does have people tweeting for him sometimes and they recently stripped away his tweeting privileges because he’s ruining his chances.

His account is iconic because he’s every journalist and comedians wet dream.

the bottom line. Without the lawyers and the trust-fund that dude would be sitting in a prison cell.

I hope no one follows this terrible advice. It’s borderline irresponsible.