Flip Blue in 2018

Your two best options for maximizing impact

Regardless of your thoughts on the Sanders’ campaign, it’s hard to deny its remarkable ability to fundraise. In 2017, Bernie Sanders received more contributions in a presidential primary than any candidate — ever. Almost exclusively from donors giving an average of $27 each!

A small amount can make a big difference.

I want to support candidates who can flip red states blue. Should I give directly to the candidate? Or directly to the Democratic party? What is the most effective way to give? I was confused.

This week I researched half a dozen organizations before arriving at two options that I think are the most effective investments to flip red states blue. I’m writing this to share what I learned, and hopefully to make the decision easier for you:

In 2018, we have the opportunity to flip red states (and the House) blue — over 6,000 state seats up for election! So if you have some money to give, which organization, or candidate, would be the most effective investment?

and Swing Left will help you maximize your impact per dollar.

1. Flippable

When you give money to Flippable, they distribute it to the candidates, as well as states funds and PACS, that they’ve identified as the ‘best bets’ for getting more blue into office in 2018.

Who does Flippable give to?
Flippable is focused on state politics. They give to Democrats running for, or currently in, the state legislature, as well as to the organizations and groups that support them in getting into and staying in office.

State Legislature vs. U.S Congress — what’s the difference?
The State Legislature (broken down further into the State Congress and State Assembly) is responsible for writing laws, and policies at the state level.

The U.S Congress (U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives) is responsible for laws and policies at the national level.

When you give money to Flippable, they distribute it to the candidates, as well as states funds and PACS, that they’ve identified as the ‘best bets’ for getting more blue into office in 2018.

2. Swing Left

Swing Left is focused specifically on winning back the U.S. House of Representatives. On their website they have an interactive map, and curated information that can help you find your nearest swing district so that you can volunteer, donate, or help raise awareness in your network as to the importance of the upcoming November election.

Choose a district to support
For example, if you were to select New York’s Republican controlled 19th District (NY-19) you’ll learn that “in the last election John Faso won this district by only 26,000 votes (8.6%).” On the right you can sign up for information on how to donate, phone bank, and raise awareness for this important election.

How does Swing Left help flip red seats blue?
Swing Left highlights swing districts for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Even if you don’t live a flippable district, perhaps you know someone who does! You can help by emailing your friends or phone-banking to raise awareness anywhere in the United States.

Does Swing Left only focus on the U.S House of Representatives?

Does Swing Left doesn’t have an aggregate fund like Flippable?
Not exactly, but Swing Left has something called District Funds.

According to Swing Left’s website,

District Funds are pots of money, raised in advance, for the eventual Democratic nominee in each Swing District. Democratic challengers to Republican-held seats will get the money the day after they win the primary. Democratic incumbents will get the money immediately. — via Swing Left

3. Want the best of both?

Flippable has partnered with Swing Left for a campaign they’re calling State Spotlight.

Swing Left and Flippable have partnered to create State Spotlight
“Each month we’ll highlight two key races in one state — shining a light on the critical elections where state and national politics intersect, and illuminating the role you can play in flipping key districts blue.” 
 — Flippable and Swing Left

A small amount can make a big difference. Flippable and Swing Left are vehicles for change, give now and help fuel the victory in 2018.

Disclosure: I’m not affiliated with either Swing Left of Flippable.

Thanks to Eviatar Frankel for inspiring the question that prompted this research, and for reviewing an early draft.

What do you think is the best way to flip red states blue in November?

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