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Dear Scott.

I would like to address a few points in your letter as an interested party.

Colchester Roman Circus

This site is run by a private body the Colchester Archaeological Trust, which is independent of Colchester Borough Council (CBC.) This facility has been supported by the CBC for signage, their car park and marketing of this facility in the previous year. They also have had funding from CBC councillor locality grants.

I work closely with the Colchester Roman Circus in promoting their facility, especially through my active promotion of the Aquila Romano-British board game (found in Stanway), which will probably put the Colchester Roman Circus on the map as it continues to develop.

The Colchester Roman Circus facility offers a lot of potential for many projects including as a musical venue, and as an exhibition space. They suffer from being in a challenging position slightly off the beaten track and difficult to find. I encourage you to visit the site and speak to their staff who will show you around and talk about the challenges they face.

I am discouraged to see that you categorise the market of the Colchester Roman Circus as a place only for the retired “empty nesters.” This site offers a facility for a range of people who have an interest in Roman or archaeological history. A large number of users are young people and families who come to the site as part of the many activities that have been offered over the summer.

Look to those outside of CBC to promote Colchester

The Colchester Borough Council unfortunately is in a situation of suffering from restrictions on their budgets, red tape and multiple demands upon their council officer time. The CBC can play their part, but those who will now carry the flame of promoting Colchester will be those unaffiliated to CBC, which include GO4; Trinity Street Traders; Colchester Roman Circus; Waiting Room; Slack Space; Destination Colchester; Jane Jacobs Walks; Roman River Music Festival, plus many others. All of these people are worth contacting with your generous offer of marketing support. Speak to people such as Peter Hope (GO4) and Simon Taylor (Greyfriars Bookshop) both in Trinity Street area.

My business works alongside many of the organisations promoting Colchester, and I see step by step all these wonderful people are making great strides promoting our town in ways that CBC are unable to do.

Best regards.

Alex Jones

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