Various Materials used to Make Castor Wheels and their Specifications

Castor wheel is one of the biggest innovations of the recent times, which is used effectively in thousands of flexible rolling applications now. There are many types of castor wheels available in the market.

While purchasing one for your purpose, it is a bit troublesome decision to make about which to go with. Those who are confused with it, here we will discuss various materials used in making castor wheels and the usage. Look at this website for more details.


Polyurethane (PU) is now a very common material, which is used in various applications ranging from kids’ toys to parts of aeroplanes. Castor wheels made with polyurethane have excellent damping properties along with retaining high degree of load capacity. Polyurethane castors can also absorb the shock due to vibrating motion in certain working environment.


Nylon has excellent abrasion resistance and castors made of this material are good in surface to surface contact. Nylon also has silky property and the castors are very sturdy and friendlier on floors, causing only lesser friction.


Rubber castor wheels are so common in almost all industrial and domestic applications. Rubber can easily withstand deformation and the elasticity of rubber makes it more stretchable and flexible. Check it out for more explanation on caster wheels Adelaide.


Aluminium is a strong material offering a high degree of strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminium castor wheels are ideal to be used in durable and lightweight applications. There is also increased mobility as the material is lightweight and the durability of aluminium castors is also guaranteed. Know more on pneumatic casters from here

Cast iron

When the need is to handle brute forces, cast iron castors are second to none. These castors can support even the heaviest of the industrial equipment. For its load bearing capacity, cast iron castors are also called as the beasts in industrial settings. Cast iron has the capacity to withstand even the highest level of pressure and roll with relative ease.

Stainless steel castor are also popular now. If needed, it is also worth considering a castor which is made with a combination of the above materials too like aluminium-axle polyurethane tyre castor etc.

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