Bitdefender Support Provides Step By Step Instructions to Install Bitdefender 2017

Antivirus is the common requirement for people these days. Bitdefender is one of the most appreciated and admired antivirus brands that has safeguarded devices of millions of people all across the globe. Just like its use, its installation is also very quick and easy.

Steps to install Bitdefender 2017 software

Calling on Bitdefender support number Canada Toll free 1–844–856–1333 that provides you a series of tasks that will help you install your antivirus software correctly.

Remove other Antivirus Software

To ensure the hassle free working of Bitdefender software, Bitdefender support Canada advises you need to remove all other security solutions present on your computer as they can conflict with the working of the Bitdefender software.

Remove previous software files

In Canada, there are many world class Bitdefender support centers. If you have any previous installations of Bitdefender software, then remove them using uninstall tool. Contact Bitdefender Support Canada if you have any trouble in removing the file. Access uninstall tool by clicking on below link:

Restart the system

For the action mentioned above, a restart of your system is required.

Start the installation of Bitdefender 2017.

To install the software, Bitdefender technical support provides you step by step action. You need to go to the location of your Bitdefender Central account. Now choose the “My Devices panel”, in this section, click on “INSTALL Bitdefender.” Now click on the “Download button” to start the download process of the installation agent.
Once the download completes, execute the installer file. This will start the process of installation of Bitdefender 2017. You need to follow the instructions as mentioned on the screen.
By implementing these simple steps, you are ready to face any kind of cyber security threat in a strong and robust way!!

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