I recommend a book called So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport.
Frank Cardona

I read Newport’s book as well and it changed the way I think about my career. I, too, have always loved writing but wasn’t quite sure how to turn that into a career. Being a “writer” is such a nebulous concept and there is a ton of competition for journalist jobs. As the author hints, you have to be really structured and be willing to sacrifice a lot of time just getting words on a page. That always seemed tedious to me. After school I had little direction to find a viable career path, so I volunteered in an area I also cared about (nonprofit industry), which turned into a job, and have been able to gradually move toward a career that involves my love of writing and the work experience I’ve developed over the years: nonprofit communications. While Newport conveys an important and unique perspective on career development (that the concept of doing what you love is overrated), I do think there’s a way to develop practical, high-demand job skills while also moving closer and/or integrating the things we love, i.e. you love wine tasting but you’re a CPA…you don’t need to ditch a lucrative career in accounting and become a sommelier — but you can easily do accounting for/in the wine industry.

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